Walkaround Videos Introduce You To 2015 Mercedes-Benz Models

As we get further into the “digital age,” learning about cars is becoming more and more interactive. One example of that is the series of walkaround videos we recently produced with a slate of our 2015 models. A walkaround video is a brief introduction from one of our associates about a vehicle and a few of its more salient features. Quite literally, he or she will walk around the vehicle to show you some of its aspects.

This is a level of connection that is second only to seeing the vehicle in person. It offers the immediacy of seeing the vehicle itself, and the authenticity of seeing it in our showroom. Most of us know that what we see in movies and TV can be a little too idyllic. Gorgeous cars cruise through impossibly beautiful landscapes without a single other car, or person, in sight. Where, we wonder, is the reality? Where are all the little details that make life real?

A walkaround video is exactly that. Sure, we take great pains to produce it with professional level of quality. But what you’re seeing at the end of the day is our vehicle on our grounds with our people. It’s the best way that we can show you what it’s really like to visit us without physically doing so.

Our videos thus far show the C-Class, GLK-Class, GL-Class, M-Class, SLK-Class and S-Class. Each video has a target length of two minutes, and sticks to the larger points. Each vehicle has more features than we could show in two minutes, so take it as appetizer, an opportunity to raise your interest for deeper interaction.

We invite you to check them out, particularly if you’re a bit further away. We would love to be your Mercedes-Benz dealer for Durham.

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