Mercedes-Benz Tire Pressure Light: What does it mean?

One of the most commonly asked questions at Mercedes-Benz of Raleigh Service Center is about tire pressure. Once the tire pressure light comes on, everybody asks, “Oh no, what’s going on?” Usually, it’s just a tire pressure adjustment. Could there be a chance that there is something in the tire and the tire is losing air? Yes. If you get a chance, refer to your dashboard and look at which tire it is.


If it’s only one tire, then you have a concern with that tire. If you see the four tires going up and down, it just needs a tire pressure adjustment. You can determine your tire pressure by looking on the dashboard and going to the tire pressure assist. Highlight that on the function, and it will tell you exactly where your tire pressures are. Your tire pressure is supposed to be the pressure listed on the fuel filler door. If you look at the door, there are two numbers. One is the minimum and one is the maximum.


If it’s just you driving the vehicle, you will use the minimum. If you are carrying passengers or cargo, you’ll adjust for the scenario. The most common time we see problems with tires is usually in the fall on the first cold day when the temperature drops here about 40 degrees. The temperature in the tires also drops 40 degrees, which makes the tire pressure go down. If the pressure light comes on, please come by for an adjustment. In the spring, as the tire pressure goes up with the temperature, you don’t have as much tire fluctuation; however, keep in mind the Mercedes-Benz manual recommends you adjust monthly. Please come on by for the free adjustments. We are always happy to help at Mercedes-Benz of Raleigh.

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