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Is your Mercedes-Benz key not working? Let’s talk about what could be going on with your key. At Mercedes-Benz of Raleigh, we’ve seen instances where clients perceive that their key doesn’t function all the time. There are a couple of reasons why this occurs, and it’s how the key is designed.

Mercedes-Benz key

Reason 1

The first issue that you’ll encounter is when you lock your car, many people push the lock button two times. By doing so, you shut off the keyless go function of the key. So the next time you go to unlock it, just using the handle, it won’t open. The simple way to turn it back on is to touch any button on the key again.

When you lock your car, only press the button once. This function is beneficial, for example, if you want to shut off keyless go while you’re washing your vehicle. If you have your key in your pocket while you’re washing your car, it’ll sit there and beep, honk, and lock and unlock the entire time. This could potentially annoy your neighbors. You can shut it off by simply pushing the lock button twice.

Mercedes-Benz key

Reason 2

The second most common perceived issue with the Mercedes-Benz key is that the key is placed into a purse or bag that is a radio frequency blocking bag. Some of your high-end handbags have material made into the purse to prevent radio frequency signals from escaping. This is so that scammers can’t steal your credit card information and tap your cell phone and things. Well, the keys require radio frequency communication with a vehicle. If you place it in that bag, the signal can’t get out and the car will not respond to your key.

Mercedes-Benz key

Reason 3

Thirdly, sometimes it appears as if the Mercedes-Benz key is not functioning at all. This occurs if the key is held perfectly still for a period of time, it will automatically turn itself off to preserve battery life. You wake the key back up by simply moving it. For example, if you placed your key in your vehicle, parked your car in your garage, came back out to it later and it won’t start, then you need to pick the key up and move it for it to wake up again and allow the car to start. If you have your key in your bag and you carry it out to your vehicle, then you had it in your pocket and it would have enough movement that it would have never turned off to begin with. If it were left sitting for an extended period of time, it would turn itself off.

Mercedes-Benz key

Thanks to Mercedes-Benz Financial First Class Key Protection, there is also a way to safeguard against the loss or damage of your smart key, in case it has stopped working completely. Click here to find out more about First Class Key Protection* and all it has to offer.

Visit Mercedes-Benz of Raleigh or give us a call at 833-314-2179 so we can help you with any questions you may have about your Mercedes-Benz key.

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