Mercedes-Benz F 015 Spellbinds San Francisco

It occurs to us just now that the Mercedes-Benz F 015 had a remarkable opportunity for naming nirvana.

So many radio stations have discovered the power of spoken alpha-numeric names. Whether it’s a DJ enunciating WXJC or 93.7 The Thrill, there’s a psychological hook to something that brief and specific.

The Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion comes so close, so tragically close, like a video of someone leaping across a chasm only for half their body to make it. It could it have been the Mercedes-Benz F105, the F-15 Beacon, the 105 Luxury, etc.

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For those of y’all who don’t know what this car is, it is Mercedes-Benz’s vision of the future. It’s a self-driving car where the four seats face one another over a coffee table. With computers and mapping tools getting more sophisticated, Mercedes-Benz is exploring the possibility that one day people might prefer to let the car drive itself.

Residents around San Francisco were mystified this week when this shiny, lightsaber-looking vehicle was seen zipping around the city. At least one local TV station did a report on the F 015’s sightings, and plenty of people grabbed Instagram shots. People wondered if Mercedes-Benz was conducting testing like Apple, or if perhaps a movie was being filmed.

It appears that Mercedes-Benz was shooting footage for promotional materials regarding the car. Mercedes-Benz assured those asking that a human was behind the wheel the whole time. However, with Google having logged plenty of self-driving hours in its cars, we wouldn’t have minded if this vehicle was unmanned. As Tony Stark said, “Sometimes you gotta run before you can walk.”

The F 015 runs on hydrogen fuel cells, a developing clean technology that does burn any fossil fuels, nor does it emit any pollutants, only water. Given the west’s propensity for drought, we think a water-emitting vehicle that doesn’t burn oil would be a welcome change.

If we see one of these Mercedes beauties here in North Carolina, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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