Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class? What Happened to the GLK-Class?

As you might recall from our post in December, Mercedes-Benz is changing its naming conventions. The GL-, ML- and GLK-Classes will now be the GLS, GLE and GLC, respectively. As you can see, this aligns them with the S-, E-, and C-Classes of sedans, and thus provides a more logical connection between our SUVs and sedans.

This also provides an opportunity to stretch the classes out by differentiating the CLA from the C-Class. The CLA will now be the first level of Mercedes-Benz sedans, with the corresponding GLA becoming the first level of our SUVs. This frees up the C-Class (and thereby the GLC) to become a bit more upscale.

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You can read about how the 2015 C-Class is stretching its legs in our test drive review from this past October. The big news this week is that the GLC could be unveiled this June and will go on sale in the fall. The GLC is currently undergoing renovations to make it longer, wider and roomier.

This would help it to compete better against the BMW X3 and Audi Q5. It would also give it more license to offer premium features, now that the GLA is taking the first level spot.

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The Mercedes-Benz GLC will also manifest a new design philosophy. By becoming more tied to their namesake sedans, new Mercedes-Benz SUVs will adopt the design language of their sedan siblings, as well. Therefore, while the GLK (previous model) had utilized the boxy language of its SUV sibling, the G-Wagon, the GLC will have a new favorite family member, the C-Class (sorry, G-Wagon).

Softer lines, rounded edges, and lengthened features will hallmark the GLC. However, that also means that the GLC will receive the safety and technology packages of the C-Class. The result will be more comfort, smarter computers, and a more holistic Mercedes-Benz experience.

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