Gas Prices Approach 2008-Record Low of Less Than $2 per Gallon


That’s the good news. If you have a lot of driving to do over the next week, month, and even winter, gas prices are definitely going to leave your wallet more intact.

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According to the American Automobile Association, many states already are averaging less than $2 a gallon. Even in Raleigh we know of at least one gas station that recently made our eyes pop out of our heads. AAA says that by the time we get to Christmas, the nation’s average will be less than $2.

Remember though that that’s just the average. Some states (California, it’s always California) will almost definitely still be above $2. However, even Hawaii, which is currently the most expensive state when it comes to gasoline, isn’t too bad: they’re averaging $2.83 at the pump heading into Thanksgiving.

Check out this chart for the 10 most expensive states for gas in the U.S. in 2015.


What’s also interesting are the states where the price of gas is falling the fastest. The following states are also from AAA—can you detect the pattern among them?


They’re all Midwest states! What is it about the Midwest that has caused their price of gas to take a nose dive? AAA isn’t saying.

What we can say is that gas prices, however low they are now, will almost certainly rise in the future, possibly even as early as this spring. When the price of gas began falling this year, we definitely saw more people buying vehicles with lower efficiency such as trucks and SUVs, and fewer people buying efficiency-oriented vehicles such as hybrids, electrics, and smaller cars.

In any case, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and hope that you have a wonderful holiday. We will be closed this Thursday, but open on Friday.

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