Cleaning Bumper of Dead Bugs: The Best Solutions and Techniques

Opinions abound for the best way to get dead or dried bugs off of one’s car. However, everyone agrees that you should clean bugs off before they dry out. Dried bugs are much more difficult to remove and the acidic properties of their bodies meld them onto your vehicle. It’s much harder to remove dried bugs without scratching your glass or damaging your exterior.

Here then are some of the most popular approaches to this problem.

Soak Them In Warm Water

Just like dishes with hard to remove food, heat and time are some of the most effective ways to soften dried matter. The warmer the better, possibly even hot, although, if it’s cold outside we would advise against throwing hot water onto your windshield. Similarly, hot water should be used with caution against your paint.

However, getting a warm, soapy towel as warm as you’re comfortable with, and letting it soak onto a troublesome area is often an easy way to remove dried bugs.


Depending on your paint job, you might feel comfortable using this penetrating oil. Many people advise against using it on your windshield. For your exterior paint, however, this is an avenue we would recommend exploring.

For Windshields: Microfiber Cloth

Given that WD-40 isn’t an option for glass, might we recommend microfiber instead? It offers up for less lint than a typical cotton towel, and will be much gentler on your windshield. Use with warm, soapy water and the soak method.

Avoid Automatic Car Washes

It’s tempting to give a robot $10 and ask him to make all your problems go away. While that might be okay for the regular dust and dirt of life, dead bugs require a more surgical approach. Nothing compares to the care of washing by hand. From the temperature of the water to your selection of car shampoos, you’ll have far more peace of mind than trusting an anonymous robot looking for something to do.

Obvious Rule: Never Use Dish Soap

We might as well be thorough and remind you that ordinary dish soap, a favorite of DIYers everywhere, will strip the protective coating right off your exterior paint. Get a car shampoo specifically designed for cars, and maybe do some online research first. There’s no point in removing a bug if you make your entire car’s exterior vulnerable.

You can always consult with the people who know your car best: our service department. We’ve seen it all and know every model by your manufacturer intimately. For specialized, custom advice, give us a call or stop by.

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