Video: Learn How Your Mercedes-Benz COMAND® System Works

Although a new Mercedes-Benz is exciting, the learning curve with new technology can be intimidating. Touchscreens, high-resolution, tablet displays—it can be enough for you to wish for the days of window cranks.

However, just as power windows have become second nature, the technology of today will soon become indispensable. To help you explore the features of your new Mercedes-Benz, this blog post will highlight the control interface: COMAND®.

COMAND® is how you are meant to use the display screen(s) in your Mercedes-Benz. It is similar to a remote control or computer mouse in that it lies within reach of your right hand. It is also like a smartphone in that it lets you swipe, pinch, tap and write on the touchpad.

As the video details, COMAND® uses a touchpad, rotary controller and physical buttons. The buttons let you select broad areas to control: navigation, radio, media, telephone, etc. The touchpad and rotary controller let you navigate within those areas.

For instance, you could press the radio button to bring up the AM or FM band, then use the rotary controller to scroll to your preferred station. A thumb roller to the right lets you adjust the volume. Or you could stick with the hand controls on the steering wheel to accomplish the same thing.

The touchpad on top, however, is the most progressive input. It responds to your fingers just like a smartphone or tablet. Because it looks so unassuming, you might even mistake it for a part of the armrest. In fact, it is the black surface protruding above the rotary controller.

One of the easiest ways to use COMAND® is simply by speaking. Your Mercedes-Benz can learn how you speak, then accept directions when you press the voice button on the steering wheel. It might take some time to learn how to speak to your Mercedes-Benz. Once you learn the style, however, complex actions can be accomplished with just a few words.

Try out COMAND® on vehicles like the new C-Class here in Raleigh.


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