Three Mercedes-Benz Heating Options For a Comfortable Winter

During these winter months, getting into one’s car is associated with the “please heat up” position: hunched forward, hands tucked under arms, ears bright red, and breathing outward just to check that, yep, it is indeed cold enough to see one’s breath.

Many car brands attempt to help by heating different parts of the passenger compartment, but “Mercedes-Benz, [is] probably the industry leader in heating things you never thought needed heating,” according to Automobile Magazine.

Indeed, as you might know, Mercedes- Benz offers an option for “AIRSCARF®,” a thermal waft of air that gently envelops the skin between shoulder and jaw. Built into the headrests, it obviates the need to ever wear a scarf in your car.

There is also a “Hot Stone Massage” option, a system of 14 independent chambers built into the seat with individual heating elements. Six massages styles essentially give you mental and physical preparation of a massage while on your way to receive an actual massage.

Not to leave the arms out, “Heated Armrests” are available in the door side and center consoles so that your hunched over posture can be abandoned. Once you’re ready to begin driving, an optional heated steering wheel will receive your hands, and it goes without saying that your seat will have been heating you throughout the entire process.

In sum, the days of enduring cold are over. Mercedes-Benz has sorted all of that so that you can focus on navigating to the nearest coffee and/or hot chocolate business posthaste. Stop by Leith, Inc. Authorized Mercedes-Benz Sales and Service. to check out which Mercedes-Benz should be keeping you warm this winter. Happy driving.

Three Mercedes-Benz Heating Options For a Comfortable Winter was last modified: April 20th, 2021 by Mercedes-Benz Raleigh

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