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Sprinter Passenger Van

2014 Sprinter Passenger 2500 Van Test Drive Review

On a recent rainy morning as we nursed a cappuccino, we mulled the possibilities for writing assignments. Industry news? Done. New product rumors? Done. Exciting features? Excitedly done. But test drive? Now that was a subject that we had not covered yet at Leith Inc. Authorized Mercedes-Benz Sales and Service, owing to several factors. Belatedly we […]

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Mercedes-Benz Says Nope, This Isn’t a Minivan: It’s a Luxury Van

Mercedes-Benz unveiled the redesign of their V-Class this week, and it’s clear that the automaker is challenging the definitions of what constitutes a luxury vehicle. Typically the V-Class, sold in countries other than the U.S., has been a commercial vehicle that emphasized functionality over comfort and style. Mercedes-Benz head Dieter Zetsche says this is still […]

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