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NAIAS 2014: The Twin-Turbocharged V-12 2015 S600

Mercedes-Benz offers many features, but if you’re interested in the baffling amounts of power that only a 12-cylinder can produce, you have to hunt pretty hard to find one. That wait is shortened considerably today by the debut of the 2015 S600 model at the 2014 NAIAS today in Detroit. The V-12 engine features dual […]

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Top 4 Mercedes-Benz Moments of 2013

As we look back at 2013 for Leith Mercedes-Benz, it’s apparent that it was a year of many cool things. To check what Mercedes-Benz has been most excited about, we combed through their Facebook page from January to December and selected the most newsworthy, interesting and just plain awesome moments of the year. Therefore we […]

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