Significant Changes Coming to the G-Class in 2017

The Prius-crushing, conservation-flattening, wind-resisting, vaguely-militaristic G-Class will receive a slate of upgrades for 2017. As the image below can attest, the G-Class is remarkably immune to attempts to change.

Instead, Mercedes-Benz will opt to make the G-Class slightly wider (four inches) with broader seats and a roomier cabin. The biggest change will be increased use of aluminum and high-strength steel throughout the body, which will make the G-Class 440 lbs. lighter.

G-Class’s have always been about AMG® since half of their sales bear the hallowed badge. Although AMG® versions will continue to have at least eight cylinders, the standard engine will now have six, with the V8 becoming optional. A diesel option ensures that fuel efficiency can be raised higher still, along with more torque.

It’s important to look cool in your G-Class so AMG® or no you’ll get LED lights, interior furnishings from the C-Class, and a few driver assistance touches from the S-Class. The beauty of the G-Class, however, is its unadorned right angles, completely flat sides and nearly vertical windshield. These central design features will remain, for now.

“We have to be careful with our heritage,” says Mercedes executive Andreas Zygan. “We offer something really special. Last year – the 34th – was the best ever for G-Class sales. It’s amazing, and one of our idols.”

If the shape will remain the same, the guts will undergo more revisions. New electro-mechanical steering is on the way, which will save space, reduce weight, and also reduce road feedback to drivers. The increased width of the G-Class will enable a new front suspension, though apparently the rear is fine as it is. Mercedes-Benz’s nine-speed transmission will be standard, so get ready to hear lots of talk about how quiet the G-Class accelerates.

What do you think of the proposed changes to the G-Class? Are they the modernizing graces that you expect or do they go too far?

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