Planning a Winter Trip? Here Are Your Budgeting Tips

When it gets cold in January (hopefully) and February (definitely), you’re likely to hunker down every night with comfort food, Netflix, a warm blanket, and a fading interest in exercise, personal development, and socializing.

One way to change your habits is to change your location by getting out of town for the weekend. Here’s how to take control and give yourself something cost-efficient to look forward to.

Sell Your Stuff

Cleaning out closets is a great way to find things that could sell on eBay or Amazon, like an old smartphone or GPS device. A quick $50 could help defray costs and help clean out clutter.

Make piles of things for Goodwill or the garbage and you might even score a tax deduction for your proactiveness!

Avoid Peak Days

With cash in hand, or at least a smaller tax bill on the horizon, you’re all set to start planning your trip. Make sure to avoid traveling on peak days, like Valentine’s Day, as they can drive up hotel costs. Procrastinate and go the week after.

Book Early, Then Check the Week Of

The best way to save money is to stay with friends. However, if you have to book a hotel, use online sites like Kayak a few weeks or more in advance.

Many hotels will let you reserve a room without paying upfront. That lets you wait until the week of your trip to check HotelTonight, a last-minute deals site. If you can find a cheaper deal, take it and cancel your backup reservation.

Pack Versatile Clothes

It’s tempting to splurge on new clothes for a trip, but you might find that you can make do with what you already have. Since it’s the winter, you can layer up with a long-sleeve shirt, lightweight sweater, and heavy sweater, instead of the winter jacket you’ve been eyeing online.

Or maybe you want a pair of heavy winter boots, but a new pair of heavy winter socks, combined with an existing pair of rugged shoes, could get you through. We don’t have lots of cold weather in North Carolina, so your closet should reflect that.

Tell Your Bank

Finally, let your bank know where you’re going to be, probably a week before you go. If you’re caught in a downpour in Virginia and absolutely need to buy an umbrella, that would be a bad time for your card to be declined.

Those are our tips! Share yours with us on Facebook and let us know how your travels go.

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