C-Class Estate Wagon Announced for 2015 and Everyone Went Crazy

For some reason, auto journalists are prone to favor station wagons. Not all of us, of course. But enough that when Mercedes-Benz announced this week that it’s releasing an Estate version of the C-Class, it’s been the leading item on Google News for Mercedes-Benz, and every major publication wrote about it, mainly to say that they already want it even though they haven’t driven it.

The 2015 C-Class Estate will not be coming to America, but that doesn’t mean Mercedes-Benz doubts that there will be demand for it. The station wagon will provide three four-cylinder gasoline engines, four diesel engines (two of which will be hybrids), and larger V6 engines later on, not to mention a probable plug-in hybrid version. Right there we have about 10 possible engine configurations for what many in the U.S. believe to be a dying breed of vehicle. It suggests to us that there is plenty of appreciation left for station wagons in the world, only that America is a bit behind the times.

The video announcing the C-Class Estate shows the car quite well. As an extension of the C-Class, its lengthy proportions do justice to the C’s bottom-heavy body, and put that bottom to good use by letting the voluminous trunk expand. We couldn’t help but find Mercedes-Benz’s video of the Estate’s cargo space a bit unusual, however.

After talking a fair bit about how the Estate lets emotion meet “functionality” and “class,” the video shows a man loading his rather large model helicopter, blades and all, into the rear trunk. A helicopter? Is that really a hobby? Perhaps our lack of model helicopter flying is why the Estate is going to literally anywhere on earth except the U.S. The man uses the open trunk as a bench as he happily steers his helo through the desert air, and the camera cuts to a woman in a tailored business jacket driving her Estate because presumably she has something better to do than pretend to fly.

In any case, we love station wagons and appreciate the E-Class Wagon that we do have in the U.S. Perhaps you would like to try it, as well.

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