3 Local Twitter Accounts in Raleigh Worth Following

Twitter is probably the second biggest social network, and yet you don’t hear much about it. These days, photo network Instagram is popular, real-time network Periscope is avant-garde, adolescent network Snapchat is trying to entice corporate advertising, and Facebook is still laughing all the way to the bank.

But perhaps you’ve decided to get into Twitter this year and start tweeting. You’ve read up about how and what to tweet, you’ve learned that it’s not cool to cross-post on social media anymore, and you’ve figured out that Twitter is mainly about being funny.

You’ve spammed everyone in your contact list to follow you, and you’re following them, too, even if they haven’t posted since September 2009. One question is left:

If you’re in Raleigh, whom should you follow?

The News & Observer

Let’s start with the basics. Journalism might be heading into an infinite chasm of corporate corruption and mob entertainment, but for now they’re still doing the news.

If anything major happens in the world, country, state, or county, you can be sure that the N&O will be one of the first to report. And Twitter is all about being #first.

New Raleigh

For a more Raleigh-focused news diet, this is where you go. If the old ladies in Oakwood are protesting about modern architecture, you’ll know it. If a dump of a restaurant posts on Twitter that it’s going under, you’ll know it. And if the N&O doesn’t report the whole story, or has a beef that it’s not talking about, you’ll know it.

It’s your best bet at having two sources of information about your city.

NC Museum of Art

Many people don’t realize the resource they have in the NCMA. They have outdoor movies in the summer, interesting art installations throughout the year, miles of hiking and biking trails, a killer restaurant inside, and contests for free tickets and prizes.

If you’re looking for more to do, the NCMA is a good resource.


These are three best we could find. We’re sure that there are other gems out there with smaller followings, but we don’t know of them. Tell us on Facebook what we’re missing and we’ll expand our list!

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