The Incredible Amount of Detail in Mercedes-Benz designo® Interiors

The interior of a Mercedes-Benz receives numerous hours of thought and preparation. To give you a sense of what’s included in your vehicle’s interior, the automaker has prepared a guide on the holistic experience which is called designo®.

A collection of materials, paints and finishes available for select models, designo® takes the best elements to create a total perspective not unlike a landscape painting. For paintwork you can choose between a unique set of deep high-gloss colors or ultramodern low-sheen matte finishes. For upholstery you can elect for incomparable forgiving Nappa leather in solid or two-tone themes; an option for dinamica suede appearance ceilings are also available. For cabin trim, a host of exotic woods, hand stitched leather matching, and even stone granite can be incorporated.

Also important is how the above materials are utilized. No matter what choice of paintwork you designate, designo® processes are multi-layered and contain a nano-technology of clearcoat and ceramic particles to ensure durability and protection. The Nappa leather referenced above is procured and outfitted from south Germany, and a special dye is designed to bring the leather’s natural grain to the surface; if any imperfections exist, they can be identified and the offending leather removed. Exotic woods should never come at the cost of damaging the environment, so Mercedes-Benz harvests in accordance with sustainable foresting practices.

Finally, the craftspeople that wed these elements to form your Mercedes-Benz designo® interior should be mentioned. Paint, after all, is only as good as the painter who uses it, so Mercedes-Benz designo® painters are selected for their level of experience. Upholstery materials are matched for a car before ever being cut or sewn to ensure that uniformity is present from the beginning. Wood finishes and lacquers are all applied by hand because they’re meant to be appreciated by hand.

The standards for designo® workmanship are high for many reasons, some of which we hope are now better illustrated.

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