The E63 AMG® Wagon is the Snarling Torque-Maker You Didn’t Know Existed

Once upon a time there was a dream. The dream was to have the functionality of a station wagon—a rare breed itself in the U.S.—and also give it a little bit of power. Sure, it’s nice to have the hauling capacity for a few children and a full grocery load, but it would be nice if that car weren’t a total brick wouldn’t it? Years passed, and station wagons grew rarer with every year, and those that remained were lucky if they came equipped with six simple cylinders. The dream faded.

All of that is ripped completely to shreds by the 2014 E63 AMG® 4MATIC® Wagon.

It’s essentially an E-Class sedan with a 5.5-liter twin-turbo V-8, seven-speed transmission, all-wheel-drive and an adjustable suspension. That’s enough power to go from 0-60 in three and a half seconds. But what are we saying—this is a station wagon right? It’s for parents and surfers, 16-year-olds whose parents want a safe collision-proof box

Not anymore. This is a premium luxury vehicle that includes carbon ceramic brakes as an option if you’re a racing enthusiast, or lane drifting assistance in case you’re a family driver who pulls lots of sleepy late-night road trips. The interior styling has been updated to reflect Mercedes-Benz’s most modern motifs, there’s an optional S-Model trim if you want to get even fancier, and of course LED lights because they look fantastic.

All of that, however, would make this “a great station wagon.” What makes it a car that would make your neighbors jealous is the fact that it’s an AMG. Simply put, it can smoke most cars on your block. It’s a dual-clutch, paddle-shifting wonder that wants to be let loose. It wants to grip, it wants to go, and its top speed is listed at 186 mph. For a station wagon, that’s insane. This is, without a doubt, one of the most fun wagons you can buy in 2014, which is probably why it garnered Left Lane’s editor’s rating of A.

To read Left Lane’s full review and to check out photos, you’ll probably want an oxygen mask because this is a car that doesn’t have curves—it has angles. When you’re done, call or email Leith Inc. Authorized Mercedes-Benz Sales and Service if you’re curious about E63 AMG® wagon, or just AMG® in general. We’d be happy to walk you through it.

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