NAIAS 2014: The Twin-Turbocharged V-12 2015 S600

Mercedes-Benz offers many features, but if you’re interested in the baffling amounts of power that only a 12-cylinder can produce, you have to hunt pretty hard to find one.

That wait is shortened considerably today by the debut of the 2015 S600 model at the 2014 NAIAS today in Detroit. The V-12 engine features dual turbochargers that combine to produce 523 horsepower and 612 pound-feet of torque. That much torque will peak at 1,900 rpm, so if fast takeoffs are just as important to you as mobile vaults of luxury, the S600 might be of interest.

The S600 comes standard with features that most vehicles will never feature in the history of their lifetimes. There’s a system that dynamically scans the road in front of you, then adjusts your suspension automatically. There’s active lane keeping assist, cross-traffic assist, active blind spot assist and collision prevention assist.

A word on that last one: this system can help you avoid not only front impacts—it can detect when you’re about to be rear-ended, and prevent those collisions, as well.

The Mercedes-Benz 2015 S600 will be available this spring. For more photos, see Motor Authority’s coverage.

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